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Are you waiting for a permission or invite from somebody?

Are you waiting for a permission or invite from somebody?

You’re missing the point of Bitcoin if you feel left out. You can be as involved as you want to be, just go make something happen. Find something you think needs doing, recruit some people to help if you need help, and do it. Are you waiting for an invitation or permission from somebody? —

A mobile with two weeks battery life. Easy

A mobile with two weeks battery life. Easy

Recently I gave away both my Samsung Galaxy S3 and Grand smart phones and replaced them with a cheap old fashion Nokia phone. I have had it with the hype regarding how incredibly smart the smart phones are. All smart phones in the market lacks one crucial thing: battery life. They last maximum for a


Timeline of achievements from my professional career as an internet marketer.
February 2007, Devenia Ltd. established


After 18 months of patient work on a no pay, no cure basis agreed with my first commercial client, I finally got the main keyword to the top position on Google in their main market. This was the basis to establish Devenia Ltd. in United Kingdom as a company.
Before 2007

WInner of SEO contest by BeTheDealer Online Casino

In 2005, I won BeTheDealer’s BTDINO SEO Competition. This was the second biggest SEO competition that year with thousands of people competing for USD 7000 in price money.

It was a fun experience, and I spent the winnings on traveling.

There was actually another contestant that got the first place, but he got disqualified for cheating according to the contest rules (only ethical SEO techniques allowed).

Building up two estores from the ground

I built two stores from scratch to finished websites including shopping carts, payments processing and logistics and back end handling. One sold Skin Care products imported from USA to Norway, the other sold adult products.

Both stores were sold after a couple years of successfully running running each store.

In this period I also built a personals online dating system for the biggest Norwegian TV network TV2 called the meeting point.

I started using internet around 1992 and had my first commercial website online a couple years later.

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