profile bjorn solstad 300x300 AboutMy name is Bjorn Solstad and I am owner and Chief Executive Officer of Devenia Ltd., an internet marketing company located in London in United Kingdom.

I make a living on the interwebz as an Internet Marketing Expert. Read what exactly this means. I also make my coffee when Hamed, our handyman is not around. Recently I have started picking up on mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as well, so I am more than busy enough in my daily life.

My wife Eman is Chief Operating Officer in Devenia. She is a social media whiz.

I live in Cairo in Egypt where my days are filled with important stuff like work, some gaming and my wife Eman, her daughter Nadine.

Nadine is my daughter in spirit, but the law in Egypt prohibits to make it legal. You know I love you like a daughter Nadine! My three Norwegian kids Kristoffer, Sondre and Rebekka lives in Norway, but visits us as often as they can. Kristoffer and his girlfriend Elisabeth has two sons called Daniel and Adrian, so that makes me a happy grandfather as well.

We are sharing our apartment with two cats and two Dalmatian dogs as well. It’s not always easy to keep the peace between them, but we get by as best we can.

You can get in touch with me through the following means:

Mail: bjorn@devenia.com
Skype: bjorn.are.solstad
Twitter: twitter.com/bjornsolstad
Facebook: Bjorn Solstad

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