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img 0148 Thai dating in ThailandI guess I will at some point enter the Thai dating market in Thailand since i am moving there in January. I am single, and i have no plans at changing that anytime soon. It will be interesting to see what has changed since I dated Thai girls last time there seven years ago.

Last time i did dating in Thailand, I got to know new people to talk to at a site called Thai Kisses at thaikisses dot com. It went ok then, but I can see there are other alternatives now like where I have set up a profile now.

My goal for now is just to get to know the scene, and get to know some nice Thai ladies for talk and and fun. I love the deep conversation, and are looking for Thai girls with depth and insight into the human mind. I’m definitely not looking for anything serious as in marriage or a girlfriend, but getting friends is my only priority at this time.

Yeah. That picture is how I look like right now. I know that Thai girls as girls fro other parts of the world likes fit and guys in good shape, so I will have to get in better shape and start doing some exercices. Getting in better shape will not be to hard I think since I believe I will get myself a new dog when I have settled in after moving to Thailand.

If you are getting to this post being a Thai lady, please comment below and say your opinion on where you think is a good place to start on the dating scene in Thailand in 2017. I’m very interested in hearing your opinion.

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bjorn are fb Thai dating in Thailand
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bjorn are fb Thai dating in Thailand
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Bjørn Are SolstadThai dating in Thailand

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