Alternative to PPC BidMax

We have been using PPC BidMax from Apex Pacific for quite some time now to manage our client’s advertising campaigns. The software runs okay on one of our servers in the US, but it has some major drawbacks. So I am looking for alternatives to PPC BidMax to consider.

What I don’t like about PPC BidMax is the fact that the software is really not suited for several users. It’s a single, one-user program. Another problem I see is that the bidding history tab does not really work, and I have problems reading the error messages since they get cut off and there is no way to double-click them.

So – my question is do you know any better alternative than PPC BidMax, and why do you recommend it?

3 thoughts on “Alternative to PPC BidMax”

  1. My problem is that we are several users that needs to access the system simultaneously. I have not seen any multi-login capable system so far. I’m even thinking about developing such a system in Filemaker to solve this problem. Will see what time allows though.

  2. I’ve run BidRankPlus for some time now, mainly for affiliate marketing purposes. It’s OK, but not for large solutions with hundreds or thousands of keywords.


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