Diving into the social networks

Okay. As those who knows me well knows, I’m a guy that gets easily bored. Working with our clints regarding getting them to the top of the search engines for their desired keywords is fine and dandy, but mostly this kind of work is more or less routines – and it’s rather technical. What I have missed in all that is the people-side of things.

So – a while back (a few months) I started playing with Twitter, and later stumbled by Jaiku (now owned by Google). Another service I just started testing out is Pownce.

The whole point with these social networks is to use them as a simple and quick way to keep your contacts posted about what you are doing, blog posts and ask about their opinions. They are also called mini-blogs because usually they have a limit of 140 letters for each posting. So, in many ways they can be compared to sending a SMS.

I actually like a lot the fact that I only have 140 chars available. It means I have to be to the point right away since it’s so limited what I can actually write there.

By the way – you will soon enough find it hard to make a descision on what network to consentrate on – so you might want to check out a little piece of software that let’s you post to most of the social networking sites at once. It’s called Posty and is a little AdobeAir application that runs quite smoothly.

When I have some more experience with all this social network thingie, I’ll make a post about my experiences with it, and how I think it might fit into the marketing mix. So far I like it though.

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