FCB Trading SNM against BUSD on Binance

Using my setup guide for Haasonline‘s FlashCrash Bots (FCB), you will have an fully automated money machine running in no time trading SNM against BUSD. I will continue to refine the guide according to what pairs I see being most profitable to trade.

I always look for better pairs to trade with FCB, so keep that in mind when following this guide.

My goal using FCB to trade instead of any other strategy is to take the guesswork out of the equation. I don’t like the constant doubting all crypto traders fight with on a daily basis. I prefer predictability over huge profits.

SNM against BUSD setup

This pair is pretty new. It was added to Binance in August 2022, so it has just been live for a few weeks. SNM traded against BTC has been around for several years.

I use two bots for this pair.

First bot I name SNM ADD to mark that this bot produces SNM as it trades. I use spread type percentage and set it to 2%. I have tested different percentages, and came to the conclusion that 2% gives a good amount of trades. You need to cover the area between 0.28 BUSD to 0.9 to be sure the bot does not run out of orders. Add above 0.9 BUSD as you can to cover future ATH’s.

The second bot I name SNM and it uses the SNM produced by the first bot (SNM ADD) to add sell orders. Monitor the bot manually while adding sell orders. Set it’s base price to 0.10 BUSD to cover the whole area from the bottom. Sell SNM into the bot at green candle spikes to get as much BUSD as possible out of it.

For both bots, you set the order sizes according to how much capital you have available to trade with. Just make sure you have enough money available to cover the whole area.

To find out what to set the lowest and highest levels at, I use TradingView with Fib Speed Retracement Fan set to 4 hours.

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