Important barbecue rules! Must read!

Since the barbecue season is in full swing many places, it’s time for some barbecue-related issues here. Barbecue is a serious matter for us men, so I will give you a little barbecue humor just as well! I say humor mostly because it’s really quite tragicomic how we men think we are world champions at grilling.

When a man voluntarily signs up for a barbecue, a number of rules come into force:


  • The woman buys the food.
  • The woman makes salad, prepares vegetables and makes dessert.
  • The woman prepares the meat, marinates, etc., places it on a plate together with the necessary kitchen utensils and sauces, and takes it out to the man, who is placed next to the grill – with a beer in hand.
  • The woman remains outside the mandatory three-meter zone, where there is an abundance of testosterone and where male activities can take place without the intervention of the woman.

Here is the important part:

THE MAN places the meat on the grill.

More routine:

  • The woman goes in to organize plates and cutlery.
  • The woman comes out to tell the man that the meat looks delicious. He thanks her and asks if she wants to get a beer while he turns the meat.

Important again:

THE MAN takes the meat off the grill and gives it to the woman.

More routine:

The woman prepares plates, salad, bread, accessories, napkins and sauces and makes sure it all comes to the table.
After eating, the woman cleans the table and washes up.

And most importantly:

  • Everyone praises the man and thanks him for his cooking efforts.
  • The man asks the woman if she enjoyed “her free evening”, and when he sees her irritated reaction, he gets confirmation again that it is only impossible to please some women!

Retrieved from the Facebook page of Beate Kristiansen.

Is this how grilling takes place in your family?

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