Mallorca travel tips for internet entrepreneurs

Sitting on the plane back from Mallorca waiting for the first serving there is plenty of time to think through what I liked or disliked about the island.

First of all – Mallorca’s main tourist population is retired Germans. That is something you see very clearly when you visit the beach Playa Del Palma outside Palma De Mallorca. It feels a bit like coming to an elder home.

Walking by the beach and being outperformed by a 80 years old in an electrical wheelchair feels a bit odd.

From an internet entrepreneurs standpoint you can safely go to Mallorca for a longer time. The wi-fi points are many and the speed is good. I would have no problem working as usual there for a few weeks or months.

Now – what is my opinion about Mallorca as a holiday place? Actually I believe that the island is better than what the rumors would have it. Being in my late thirties, I am fed up with extended partying and prefer a more quiet environment to relax and get energy back. I find partying to be stealing to much compared to what it gives.

Palma De Mallorca is a quite nice town with a local population of around 250.000 people. That again means that there is a fundament for more than just the usual tourist related stuff. It is possible to find small bars and restaurants for the locals that are not just looking at you as a walking wallet, but where the waiter comes over and offers complimentary drinks and food.

By the way: This stay in Mallorca offered a piece of surprise. It is the first time in my life I have been witnessing someone getting a free gift from a restaurant. It happened yesterday when we went to a Chinese restaurant to have a nice last meal before departure today.

Here is what happened: We waited a bit long before we were served the hot beef thingie and the sushi. On top of everything the waiter spoke hardly any english (as most people in Mallorca), and he did not even offer us rice with the food.

Anyway. After a bit of funny moments when we went the people there must have felt sorry for us since they gave Ania a gift that was even wrapped into gift paper. Outside the place she opened it and saw that they had given her a photo phrame 🙂 Is that cool or what?

Other things to notice regarding Mallorca: Remember that the personell in bars, discos and such does not speak much english – if any at all. So be prepared to use hands and legs trying to explain.

Many of them look at tourists as walking wallets. Be prepared to get two bottles of beer if you order one – even if the guy you ordered it from speaks fluently english. It happened to us several times.

The prices of food, drinks and such varies a lot. You can get a descent meal for under 7 Euro per person – and you can go out of a restaurant hungry after spending the double in the neighbouring place.

Bring a book with you when you go. I forgot to bring one, and regreted not having anything to read.

Going on trips every day gets too exhausting.

Don’t try to walk to the fort (Castel De Bellver) going where the busses go. It almost killed us.. We walked around instead of taking the steps going straight up there from the bus stop of line 3.

Here comes the gallery from the trip.

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