Military Drills Increase Globally. War Preparations in Progress?

Joint and individual military exercise drills have proliferated across the globe over the past couple of months with no sign of these occurrences abating, if anything it appears as full steam ahead.

Source: Military Drills Increase Globally- War Preparations in Progress? | News24

World War 3 Next?

The news roundup in the link above confirms what I have believed to be going on for a few years now.

When you add to this the volatility in the financial markets, there are two or possibly three power blocks preparing for an all out war to become the global power controlling most of the resources. Especially when you look at the currency markets globally, there is definitely something not quite normal going on.

Also, the frenetic propaganda of the different sides in social media and mainstream TV hints very clearly about what is to come.

I’m personally expecting a collapse in the currency, commodity and stock markets to be the trigger to set off this conflicts, so I am keeping a close look at the movements to get as early signs as possible. My guess is that this will all be set in motion before the end of this year, or first half of 2016.

Keep an close look at the US, European, Chinese and Russian markets. It becomes more and more clear that we are headed towards a paradigm shift one way or another.

What can you do to be prepared?

First of all, you need to focus on mobility. Owning a lot of property when it’s time to get away fast is not a good idea. Keep your money mobile as well. Moving around physical fiat currency or precious metals will not be easy, so personally I believe cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is the only viable solution. Digital money is easy to move over large distances without you actually having to have anything hidden in your luggage. It can all stay safely online while you are on the move.

If the time comes to move to a safer location, use internet and all the resources you have available to get an as accurate picture as possible of where you are moving to. It’s no point in moving from one place full of danger, just to discover that the next place is even worse. So it’s important to do your homework before you make a decision.

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