A mobile with two weeks battery life. Easy

Recently I gave away both my Samsung Galaxy S3 and Grand smart phones and replaced them with a cheap old fashion Nokia phone.

I have had it with the hype regarding how incredibly smart the smart phones are.

All smart phones in the market lacks one crucial thing: battery life. They last maximum for a day, while my nokia don’t need to be charged for two weeks, easy.

Another thing I dislike intensively about the smartphones, is what they do to people. Instead of being engaged in the conversation and being actually social, people sit and stare at their phones all the time. They get constant reminders about events in the so-called social media with pings and sounds, so they are unable to concentrate on the conversation they are having in front of them.

The older I get, the more I realize what is important to me, and I am sorry to tell you that social media is not any more social than reading a magazine in my opinion. Social media has made our time so fragmented and cut into little pieces, that the lack of concentration is about to drown us.

Another important factor here is that our kids needs our undivided attention when they spend time with us. Remember when your kid scored the first goal in the little league, and you were busy replying to a tweet or chatting on Facebook instead of actually paying attention to the moment?

My challenge to you

Drop the hype surrounding the smartphones, and get yourself an old fashion, regular mobile that stays in your pocket. Only reply to calls or messages that are really important. Always keep into consideration if the call can wait until you are alone. Also remember that phones do have an off button. Try it once in a while.

When I walk our dogs Odin and Sol, I often leave the phone at home. This is also pretty liberating. The knowledge that nobody can bother me, so I can concentrate on having a good walk and a fun time with them.

What do you think? Can you see yourself live without a smartphone?

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