Mallorca travel tips for internet entrepreneurs

Sitting on the plane back from Mallorca waiting for the first serving there is plenty of time to think through what I liked or disliked about the island. First of all – Mallorca’s main tourist population is retired Germans. That is something you see very clearly when you visit the beach Playa Del Palma outside

Sitting at the hostel Terminus in Palma de Mallorca

So we finally got here to Mallorca. I say finally bacause we actually managed to miss our originally booked flight and had to take the next one. Lost 160 Euro on that bummer. Oh well. Our first night here was spent getting some place to live (Terminus Hostel) so we at least have some place

Going to Mallorca, Spain

Just a quick note that Ania and I are going for a little holiday today. Mallorca in Spain is the destination. See you later ๐Ÿ™‚