Sitting at the hostel Terminus in Palma de Mallorca

So we finally got here to Mallorca. I say finally bacause we actually managed to miss our originally booked flight and had to take the next one. Lost 160 Euro on that bummer. Oh well.

Our first night here was spent getting some place to live (Terminus Hostel) so we at least have some place to stay for the first couple day’s. Sunday we are going to look for something more suitable as we don’t even have a shower on the room here. But there are four showers on the floor we live.

This hostel is located on the main street of Palma De Mallorca, so it is obviously quite noicy here. The traffic larm from outside our window is “niticable” to put it mildly.

I will try to publish some pictures from our trip here if I get the time.

Hola! from Spain 🙂

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