Timepiece vs. watch

I just watched a commercial on CNN where a guy in the advertisement talked about a wrist watch. What I find funny about this kind of ads is the fact that they never mention the word watch in the ad. They always refer to it as a “timepiece”.

So, what exactly is a timepiece?

I think they have found that it is more likely that they trigger the feeling of luxury if they call their expensive watches for timepieces instead of the less fancy word watch. Simple as that.

Does it work trying to lure the viewer into thinking in a certain way? Of course it does. Unfortunately.

We all love being seduced. Brands like Rolex, Seiko and others all try to convince us that they are not offering us a watch – but a timepiece – meaning a piece of time. Who doesn’t want to wear a timepiece and by that own their vero own piece of time itself?

Owning a piece of time

Yeah, wouldn’t that be great? If you could own a piece of your own time, and make yourself timeless? Timeless as in eternal life. They all play on these feelings in us, and we buy into the illusion that the wristwatch on our arm is something more that just that. We desperately want to be immortal, so we don’t have to face death itself.

Hense, we buy a timepiece for 10.000 Dollars instead of a wristwatch costing 9.99.

In the end of the day, an Admiral Nelson Timepiece is really just a watch. Like any other watch.

What is your opinion?

Are you letting the advertisers lure you into believing in their ads?

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