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I have been a big fan of MyUS.com forwarding service since I moved to Egypt. It’s very practical to use their service to be able to buy stuff from Amazon and other online retailers in the USA.

Here is the latest news they just mailed me:


We’ve heard your feedback, and we have some exciting news about your MyUS.com account!

Now YOU have more control over your packages and faster service for special requests, AND we’re saving you money!

  • Automated package service requests
    We have automated requests to check a package, split a package, discard a package or return to sender. Automating this process means you do not have to email your account manager, and you will get faster completion of the request. We have also added the option of selecting “URGENT” ($5) for any of these package service requests. All from the convenience of your inbox!Please see this blog post for more information and pricing for these services.
  • Consolidated invoicing
    Consolidated invoicing of individual charges for the various services we may provide to you will now result in considerable savings in bank transaction fees. This new service will still allow you to see charges as they accrue, and ultimately when they are charged to your payment method.

More to come! 
We’re working on even more ways to save you money and give you more control over your packages. We’ll send you an email soon about even more exciting features in your MyUS.com account.

We’re here to help
Now that we have given you more control and faster service, your inbox may look a little different. If you have any questions, or if you need any assistance using these new features, our Customer Service department is here seven days per week to help. You can contact us via email at cs@myus.com or by visiting our website and clicking, “Live Chat.”
Best regards,

Keith Evans
Communications Director

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