Are you waiting for a permission or invite from somebody?

You’re missing the point of Bitcoin if you feel left out. You can be as involved as you want to be, just go make something happen.

Find something you think needs doing, recruit some people to help if you need help, and do it.

Are you waiting for an invitation or permission from somebody?

— Gavin Andresen, Lead Bitcoin Developer.

The above quote illustrates perfectly well why I am personally involved in the Bitcoin industry. Since the currency and technology is not built on anything governmental, there is no one stopping anyone from doing anything. Just go ahead, and create whatever you think is needed. Get it out there, and see it grow.

Bitcoin has created a truly astonishing thing: disruption to the traditional way of thinking about what money actually is. It also changes who makes the money from a centrally controlled entity, to true decentralization. With Bitcoin and all the altcoins, money is created by you and me.

True freedom is being created in front of our eyes, and no one can stop it.

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2 thoughts on “Are you waiting for a permission or invite from somebody?”

  1. Hello Bjorn,

    I am glad to write you because you inspired me. Actually I am very sorry for my big loss that your voice have reached me late, but yet not too late to catch on the business. I really want to know more about the bitcoin and how could I start as I miner or how should I invest ? thanks in advance and looking forward to a successful teamwork 😀

    • That’s the spirit Omar 🙂

      Mining is not very profitable here in Egypt. The electricity prices are to high comparing to what you get out of every kW hour. I have a mining rig running, and it makes around 10 EGP per day, so it’s just running because I already have it.

      The best way to make money right now is trading with bots. Personally I am using a trading bot called Haasonline Tradeserver and it’s the market leader in crypto trading bots. It takes a bit of reading and understanding to use, but once you have understood it, it performs pretty well. Google Haasonline, and you will find it.

      To find Bitcoins for sale, you can go to and see who is selling here in Egypt right now. There is also a Facebook Group at you can join to make some contacts and get tips on how to get started.


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