Why don’t you follow me anymore?

Since I am such a rational person that loves automating stuff, I will give you the top reasons why I have stopped following you on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or any other social media I am active.

You keep repeating yourself.

If you keep re-tweeting your own blog posts to get as much traffic as possible to it, I will stop following you. I understand that you want to maximize the exposure you can get from social media, but it is annoying at best, and completely cluttering my news stream at worst. So, if you are gonna keep me as a follower, you will have to constrain yourself. I know how tempting it might be to just give a “friendly reminder” about your super interesting and important post on your blog, but I am just not gonna let you do that. This is why social media has become such a hit – it gives us all the choice to follow or not what others talk about.

It’s called freedom of choice. I choose not to let you annoy me.

You mix languages to much

If you mainly write in English and then occasionally write in a local language that I can’t understand I’m fine with it. If you write equally much in both languages I will have a problem with it because it’s cluttering up my stream. If this continues, I will stop following you simply because I don’t want to bore my followers with a lot of gibberish content that they also can’t understand.

My recommendation is to do as I have done, split up the account in to two or more accounts. Use one account for each language you are planning to tweet in.

I use one account for my English tweets, and another for my Norwegian tweets. That way, you can choose what language you want to follow – or go for both if you understand both.

You embarrass me

Just because you think it’s fine to post images of your nose hairs or being raving drunk in some party, does not mean I want to be connected to that with my peers. It’s not necessarily a problem for me as a private person, but it might be a problem for me as a CEO of a multinational marketing company to be associated to that kind of thing.

Remember – what might be fine where you live, does not mean it’s fine where I am. Heck, it could even be illegal and punished by law where I am located. So, I don’t take any chances. If you post embarrassing stuff I will most probably stop following you.

I don’t like your opinions

I might have liked what you posted when I started following you. Then further down the road I realized I don’t like your writing style, your attitudes or your standpoints that much. It could even be that I simply don’t like you that much. Either way, I stop following you.

You bore me. Zzz.. Zzz..

Writing about what you have on your sandwich might be interesting to who? No one! If you need to talk about that or similar stuff, please do so somewhere not in public! Boring stuff is boring to read about. So, I unfollow you if you keep doing this.

What is your main reasons to stop following someone in social media?

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